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  • Peace Temple

    am just 3 month old in my marriage. my hubby stays aboard and come back every 6 months. we had a little issue and we used so many bad words on ourselves. i miss my husband now like mad because he hasn’t talked to me for days. i have apologized so many times yet he refused to talk to me. how do i make him happy again? i want to make things right and also build my marraige and as well make God the foundation of my marriage. please help me!!!!!

    • buildyourmarriage

      Thank you, Peace, for reaching out to us. Would you also email us at so we can stay in touch with you? Thank you.

      We are so sorry to hear about the struggle you and your husband are experiencing. Like many other couples, we have said hurtful things to each other through the years and especially in our early years of marriage. We know the pain and division words can have. At the same time, we stand as a testimony that even through the darkest times in marriage God is a healer, redeemer, and restorer for those who look to Him, Peace.

      From what you have shared, you have apologized for your part. That is your responsibility and the right thing to do. His ownership for what he said and did is his responsibility, and you can’t own, control, or take that on yourself. The best way to impact and change his heart is by praying for him. (There’s a new movie out called War Room that we recommend because it deals with this very issue.)

      This may be hard to grasp, Peace, but you aren’t ultimately responsible to make your husband happy. He is choosing to be unforgiving and unhappy. Your part is to focus on your relationship with Jesus, stay centered in the Bible and it’s promises to you, pray and be a Christ-centered, God-honoring woman.

      Being apart for six months at a time is hard on any marriage. One of the dynamics for you both to be aware of is the re-adjustment to being together again. That can take a few days because each of you has been independent to a good degree during that time. If you can both be mindful of serving one another when you are together, and prayerful in asking the Holy Spirit to give you grace toward each other.

      We are praying for you and for your husband, Peace. God’s blessings to you in Christ.

      Brad & Heidi

  • Leslie

    Hi there,
    Please pray for my husband and I. We have had a rough 6 years. There’s been infidelity on both ends. I left because of something I did. It took me 3 months to see my fault and destruction. I hurt my boys and husband. I am back home however my husband is not. He has found a distraction and he is very angry and says it is over. My marriage will be restored. God said He would restore. I ask that you pray for my marriage and for my husband. The enemy needs to flee in the name of Jesus!!!

    This site helped me out today in my War room!!

    • Thank you, Leslie, for writing us–and AMEN to your declaration of faith for your marriage. We are praying and believing God for healing and restoration in your marriage. We will write you a note directly via email shortly.

    • buildyourmarriage

      Thank you, Leslie, for writing us–and AMEN to your declaration of faith for your marriage. We are praying and believing God for healing and restoration in your marriage. We will write you a note directly via email shortly.

      • Leslie

        Thank you for the email. I would love to read your book and I will. My husband will not talk to me about anything so right now I just pray that God will soften his heart and speak to him. I know it will happen in Gods timing!

    • Renee

      God performs miracles!!! You stay in your War Room…..I’ll be in mine and working for you too!!! There is hope….I promise!!!!

      • Leslie

        Thank you Renee!!!

  • Lovella

    Hi. May I ask for your prayer that I will be strengthened in forgiving the infidelity of my husband. I have accepted him back when he apologized; but it seems very hard for me to forget the pain and the sin. Sometimes, I could even ask if forgiving him was the right thing to do.

    • buildyourmarriage

      Absolutely we will pray for you in this way. We also invite the BYM followers and readers to say a prayer for you as well. . Forgiveness is a decision and an act of the will. We will pray for strength and resolve for you in this, as well as for his heart to be tender and obedient to Jesus and loving to you. The process of healing from betrayal takes time. Your pain is part of the collateral damage and consequence of his sin. With your permission, may we send you a follow-up to your email account sometime on Sunday? Blessings to you.

  • The Greenes

    My husband is on point in all of these areas, thank God. If I were to add a highly effective habit of his, it would be his dedication to our weekly ‘Date Night’. Cynthia Greene, Marriage & Relationship Pathologist, Marriage Built 2 Last