How to Navigate Change in Marriage

Seven Keys to Grow Through Change

Like any other couple, we have seen our share of change in almost 35 years of marriage. And so have you. There are all kinds of things that can change in our lives: health, job, career, having children, moving, financial (up or down), deaths, accidents, church, friendships, and the list goes on. And even if only one of you is facing a change of some kind, it affects both of you…and your marriage.

The Power of Your Wedding Vows

Four Reasons Your Vows Matter

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For just a moment, think about all the preparation that went into your wedding: saying “I do,” picking the date, setting the budget, finding the location for the wedding and reception, choosing the dress, selecting the colors, asking attendants, making the guest list (and cutting it down!), finding the photographer, musicians, officiant, and the list goes on and on. So much planning went into the wedding! (We get this as we’ve planned two weddings in the past year!) During the ceremony there were multiple components of the service as well. And yet of all the elements that had to come together for your special day, we believe the most important moment was when you declared your vows to each other.

11 Qualities of a Phenomenal Marriage

Choosing to rise above the status quo

We want every couple to have a phenomenal marriage and that’s why we are committed to Build Your Marriage! We offer free resources through social media and our website to help you take your next steps as a couple. In addition, we travel across the country providing marriage conferences.

But what are some key qualities that make a phenomenal marriage? Here are 11 for you to consider:

When You Think Your Spouse Is Lazy Part 2

How to deal with real or perceived laziness in marriage

It’s not uncommon for one spouse to feel like they’re carrying the lion’s share of the load in the marriage. Whether real or perceived, it can create a strain in the marriage.

In our last post we talked about some important considerations when laziness presents itself. But what are some practical steps you can take to bring about a solution? Here are five things you can do:

12 Reasons to Host a Build Your Marriage Event

Having a marriage conference can transform families!

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Hosting a Build Your Marriage event at your church or retreat center is rewarding and impacting. Through the years God has provided opportunities for us to speak at conferences from coast to coast. As we travel we see healthy marriages grow stronger, hurting couples find hope, and miracles of grace and healing that only God can do when couples make room for him to work.

When you offer a Build Your Marriage event it’s well worth the time and planning because of what YOU get out of it as well as the attendees. You have the opportunity to participate in the transformation of marriages and families.

Here are 12 reasons you should consider inviting Build Your Marriage to your location:

“My Marriage is Hurting My Ministry”

Keeping marriage and ministry in perspective

This is part of a new series based on anonymous questions we have received at Build Your Marriage conferences across the United States. Some details may be modified to protect the identities of individuals.

How do you handle life when it seems like your marriage or spouse keeps you from fulfilling the great commission/God’s calling on your life?

This is a question we run into rather frequently. Sadly, we’ve seen couples separate and divorce over this issue.

You may be quite frustrated because you believe God has given you a ministry or a burning desire to make a kingdom impact, but your spouse is resistant to your pursuit of your “calling.” Perhaps from your perspective your spouse is keeping you from being fully obedient to Jesus. As a result, you feel torn.

Building a Family That Celebrates Together

Mitchell Family Celebrations

Have you wondered why we haven’t blogged much so far this year? Here’s why…

This spring has been very busy for us. In the last five weeks we had one daughter graduate from grad school (bottom right), another graduate from college (bottom left), our son got married, and our youngest daughter moved to another city for her internship and career! Whew!

Looking back on the major life events each of our children experienced, we saw something quite extraordinary.