Being Unified In Parenting

Happy Parents

At two recent Build Your Marriage conferences we were asked the same question: “How do you keep children from negatively impacting your marriage?” 

We get it. We love our children like crazy and are so pleased with the man and women that they have become. But this was an area of struggle for us. We made plenty of mistakes along the way. Here are three ideas from our marriage to help you stay connected and unified in your marriage as you parent:

Waging War For Your Marriage


The movie, “War Room,” has been capturing the hearts of millions of people with the message of hope through the power of prayer. Without giving away the outcome, it’s about a couple struggling in their marriage and the impact one pray-er could have on the trajectory of their future. We personally know one person who saw the movie and stopped their plans of divorce so they could instead intercede on behalf of their spouse.

In this post we’re simply going to give some traction for those who are desiring to pray for their marriage, but don’t know how.

Five Ways To Refresh Romance

Romance at Home

Keeping love and romance fresh and alive in marriage takes intentionality and thoughtfulness. In the early years of dating, engagement, and marriage the wonder and effort poured into a relationship can seem natural.

Here are some simple ways to refresh your marriage this week. Choose one or all five as a way to pour your love on your spouse and let them know how much they mean to you.

Finding Friends Who Last In Marriage

Brad, Heidi, Julie, and David

Brad, Heidi, Julie, and David

This weekend we drove south to see our daughter and son-in-love. One of the many joys of our weekend was watching them in their church. Through their journey in graduate school they have made numerous friends through that community of people. We saw their friends pursue them, come up to them, and engage them.  These are the friends with whom they are doing life.

Have you ever had friends who, no matter how long it’s been since you saw them, you can just sit down and seemingly pick up where you left off?

Reignite The Spark In Marriage

Peter and Kristen

Peter and Kristen

We love weddings. Recently we attended the wedding of one of our friends’ son, Peter, and his fiance, Kristen.  (see picture above) After the wedding the reception was held in a renovated theater where the lighting created a scene that was magical. The event was filled with happiness and celebration. Part of the joy that flooded the room was from the flames of love between the bride and groom.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for us to see couples who have allowed the passion for their spouse at the wedding to cool significantly in the ensuing years. As we reflected on the wedding, we came up with four ways every couple can reignite the spark of their love and fan it once again to a roaring flame.