Trust God Together

Photo by Christopher Michel on Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Christopher Michel on Wikimedia Commons

He was laid off from his job. The day had started normally. He went in to meet with his boss for their weekly meeting. He was prepared to discuss strategies, goals that had been met, and opportunities for the future. Twenty minutes later he walked out having been told his position was being eliminated.

In 2001 that was our story.

Celebrate Your Marriage History!

Romantic Couple

When was the last time you and your spouse took the time to recount and celebrate the shared history you have together? Your shared experiences are the bricks and mortar that build you up and anchor you down in the storms of life.

It’s easy for the dailyness of life to sweep in and grab our attention. We quickly lose touch with the positive memories and our focus is on the here and now. We forget what made us unique as a couple.


Forgive Yourself

Have you ever done something you deeply regretted? It may be only known to you or a few others. It may have little or no effect on people around you.  Or what you’ve done has been made public—very public—and the effect and consequences on others has been devastating. It may be a sin or a mistake against your spouse. It could be an event outside of marriage from some point in your past.

We’ve known spouses who are unable to fully engage in their marriage because they are weighed down with guilt and shame from their past. They struggle with receiving their spouse’s love and forgiveness because they keep themselves in a prison of regret. Even worse, they can hardly believe that God could fully forgive them for what they have done.

So how do you forgive yourself and move on?