Resolutely Protect Your Marriage, Part 4

Being wise in relationships of the opposite gender

Protect your marriage

It is absolutely vital that you be vigilant in protecting your marriage. No one else will care as much as you for your marriage. One of the dangerous attack points that the Enemy can use against you is through personal relationships with the opposite gender.

We all have friendships of the opposite gender. God created us to be in community with one another. But Satan likes to take anything that God created for good and turn it around for evil. We have seen unhealthy relationships develop in church settings, work environments, at the gym, or within friendships with other couples.

We are going to provide seven hedges to put around you and your spouse to help you maintain vigilance in protecting your marriage relationally.

Resolutely Protect Your Marriage, Part 2

Social Media



It’s no secret that social media can have a dark side. A counselor friend of ours told us that of the couples he meets with who have had affairs, 90% began through contact via social media. In a report by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 81% of their member attorneys saw an increase in the use of evidence from social networking websites. And a University of Austin study found that users of social media are twice as likely to think about leaving their spouse.

Dating websites and websites designed to help people have “discreet” affairs (read: adultery) abound. Unsolicited “follows” on Twitter from porn sites troll the Internet. At Build Your Marriage we regularly monitor, report, and block those groups that try to connect with our Twitter feed and you should do the same!

We are thankful for social media. We seek to use if for redemptive purposes in the marriages we are privileged to reach. And yet there has to be a strong call to couples everywhere to put measures in place that will protect our hearts from the relentless temptations the Enemy places before us.