Money Principles for Marriage

Part 2

Money part 2

Many years ago Brad was talking with a woman who said that when she grew up she didn’t have anything. As a result, she decided not to deny her boys whatever they wanted. She was quite at peace with having over $80,000 on credit cards so that her boys could be indulged! We shudder to think about how those boys turned out and the survivability of her marriage. 

Money Principles for Marriage

Part 1


Money. It’s the number one issue that couples argue about. In 2009 Jeffrey Dew of Utah State University released his study of 2,800 couples which found that couples who disagreed about finance once a week were 30% more likely to get divorced than those who disagreed less frequently. So how can we reduce the tension and build agreement when it comes to money matters?

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Sail the romantic seas and Build Your Marriage!

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Where Is Your Trust As A Couple?

Trusting God

What do these words have in common: portfolio, friends, title, power, possessions, celebrities, armies, weapons, the judicial system, and politics? They are all places where people put their trust. In nearly 30 years of ministry we have seen individuals and couples place their faith and confidence in varying degrees in these areas.

As a couple, when things get hard in your marriage or life, where do you turn for advice? Where do you get your strength and confidence? Where do you place your trust?

Resolutely Protect Your Marriage, Part 5


spouse praying

Whether your marriage is strong or struggling, you need to know that there is an all-out spiritual war being waged against the two of you. At the heart of every effort to drive a wedge between you and your spouse is a sinister, cunning enemy. He is literally hell-bent on bringing division and death to your marriage.

This may sound like an extreme exaggeration to make a point. It is not.