Celebrate Your Anniversary

Making your special day...special!

Brad and Heidi celebrating their 2017 wedding anniversary at a Boney James jazz concert

We love to celebrate and we make it a priority in our marriage to celebrate each other. The most important celebration is our anniversary and while we don’t go “all-out” each year, we make sure it’s a special day.

What amazes us is how many couples we meet who don’t celebrate their anniversary. When we ask them why we get a variety of answers:

“My Marriage is Hurting My Ministry”

Keeping marriage and ministry in perspective

This is part of a new series based on anonymous questions we have received at Build Your Marriage conferences across the United States. Some details may be modified to protect the identities of individuals.

How do you handle life when it seems like your marriage or spouse keeps you from fulfilling the great commission/God’s calling on your life?

This is a question we run into rather frequently. Sadly, we’ve seen couples separate and divorce over this issue.

You may be quite frustrated because you believe God has given you a ministry or a burning desire to make a kingdom impact, but your spouse is resistant to your pursuit of your “calling.” Perhaps from your perspective your spouse is keeping you from being fully obedient to Jesus. As a result, you feel torn.

Building a Family That Celebrates Together

Mitchell Family Celebrations

Have you wondered why we haven’t blogged much so far this year? Here’s why…

This spring has been very busy for us. In the last five weeks we had one daughter graduate from grad school (bottom right), another graduate from college (bottom left), our son got married, and our youngest daughter moved to another city for her internship and career! Whew!

Looking back on the major life events each of our children experienced, we saw something quite extraordinary.