How to Minimize Holiday Stress

Five ways to navigate the holidays

In the next few weeks we will experience Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  For some people reading that sentence causes a rise in blood pressure and immediate feelings of stress.  You may be hosting family and friends in your home. Or perhaps you will be the guest in someone else’s home.  What are some ways you can navigate the holidays well and actually strengthen your marriage?

Protect Your Marriage From Bad Decisions

10 Steps for Making Good Decisions

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

Have you ever made a bad decision? We have. Lots of them. We purchased a vehicle that we later regretted. Vocational choices were made when we weren’t unified. From the mundane to the mammoth, we’ve been through the valley of consequences from poor decisions.

Thankfully, most of those poor decisions were made earlier in our marriage. Now that we’ve been married over 35 years we can look back and see some powerful life lessons that have helped us  make better decisions together. We thought we would share these ten questions that you and your spouse can ask as you make significant decisions. These questions will guide you in making better choices: