Checklist for Change

Five Questions to Ask When Making Decisions

Recently we were out to dinner with friends who are making a major change in their lives and careers. Our friends have thought this through well. They have been dreaming of these changes for several years. They met with their financial advisor and are on track with their new career plans.

When a new year begins, many of us face changes. We may change jobs or health plans. Maybe we start a new diet, workout plan, or even a new budget. But when it comes to making major decisions that will lead to change in our lives, how do we know if we’re making a good decision? How can we stay unified in the decision making process?

How to Minimize Holiday Stress

Five ways to navigate the holidays

In the next few weeks we will experience Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  For some people reading that sentence causes a rise in blood pressure and immediate feelings of stress.  You may be hosting family and friends in your home. Or perhaps you will be the guest in someone else’s home.  What are some ways you can navigate the holidays well and actually strengthen your marriage?

Protect Your Marriage From Bad Decisions

10 Steps for Making Good Decisions

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Have you ever made a bad decision? We have. Lots of them. We purchased a vehicle that we later regretted. Vocational choices were made when we weren’t unified. From the mundane to the mammoth, we’ve been through the valley of consequences from poor decisions.

Thankfully, most of those poor decisions were made earlier in our marriage. Now that we’ve been married over 35 years we can look back and see some powerful life lessons that have helped us  make better decisions together. We thought we would share these ten questions that you and your spouse can ask as you make significant decisions. These questions will guide you in making better choices:

How to Rebuild Your Marriage

7 steps to get traction in restoration

Everyone makes mistakes in marriage.  No one is the perfect mate.

Perhaps you or your spouse made a financial mistake. Maybe one or both of you sinned through a moral failure. It could be that one of you has been mean, selfish, demanding, absent, or unkind. Perhaps your spouse has been an excessive complainer or verbally abusive.  Some have misused alcohol or drugs. Others have been workaholics.

If you’re married there are probably some areas of your life where you wish you could have a do-over; an opportunity to rebuild your marriage.  If this describes you or your marriage, we want you to know there’s hope for you. You can rebuild your marriage. Here are seven steps to start the process of rebuilding:

Avoid This Silent Threat to Your Marriage

4 Ways to Infuse Vitality Into Your Marriage

There are plenty of aggressive attacks on marriages today—pride, porn, promiscuity, power, prestige—and quite a bit written on who to address these enemies of marriage. But there’s another threat to your marriage that settles in to relationships with such a quiet presence we aren’t even aware of it until the damage is done. Can you guess what it is?

Have You Ever Felt Lonely in Your Marriage?

Four steps to deal with loneliness in marriage

Have you ever felt lonely in your marriage? Unless you’ve experienced it, being married and lonely can sound impossible.  How can two people live under the same roof in the intimacy and vulnerability of marriage and still be lonely? And if we do feel lonely, how do we break out of it and reconnect with our spouse?

Have You Ever Wanted To Go To Israel?

10 Questions to ask when considering a trip to Israel

Mount of Beatitudes

Is a trip to Israel right for you? Most of us consider traveling to Israel at some point in our lives. Ask yourself these 10 questions to determine if 2018 is the time for you:

1. Is going to Israel on your “bucket list”?

This is a rare opportunity to check it off together. Our trip is November 27 – December 4.

2. Is it safe?

In 2017 there were 3.6 million tourists to Israel from around the world—an increase of 25% from the year before. Being part of a group with experienced tour guides assures your added safety and comfort.

3. How is the climate?

Traveling in November is the perfect time to travel in Israel as the average temperature is in the 50’s.

4. What about ease of travel?

Going with a group means your arrangements are taken care of for you. You get a buffet breakfast each morning and dinner each evening (included!). The bus takes you to each site and all you have to do is soak in the experience.

5. What will I see?

You will experience the places Jesus did. Your reading of the Bible and perspective at key holidays will forever be redefined and enhanced. You’ll see Bethlehem (days before Christmas!), the Church of the Nativity, Jericho, Qumran, the Dead Sea, the Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, and you’ll cross the Sea of Galilee. Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb and more will be visited during your visit.

6. What will I learn?

You will grow in your Biblical knowledge and understanding.

7. What else will I experience?

You’ll make new friends, enjoy great food, you can float in the Dead Sea, and renew your wedding vows in the Chapel at Cana.  (We also hear the ice cream is amazing! 🙂 )

8. Will I receive tools for my marriage?

Yes! Some of the evenings include Build Your Marriage sessions with Brad & Heidi Mitchell.

9. How much does it cost?

Until August 14ththe price is under $5,000 per couple. That includes airfare for two from New York, hotel, meals, admission fees, hotel gratuities, bus and more!  Singles can come as well! Click the link below for additional details.

10. How do we sign up?

Just click this link for more information and to sign up online:

We hope you can join us in Israel in 2018 as you build your marriage!

Tips for Traveling Cheap

14 Ways to Save Money Vacationing

Brad & Heidi celebrating their 35th anniversary in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Most couples love to get away on a vacation with their children or just alone. The challenge, however, is the sheer expense of traveling. Vacations do cost money, but we have some simple ideas that you can put into practice that will help stretch your dollars and make your dreams a reality.

We love to travel. Together we’ve been to 38 countries. Heidi has been to all fifty states (Brad’s close). In fact, Heidi has almost 100,000 reads of her reviews on TripAdvisor, making her a senior advisor with them. We write this simply to lend some credibility to the suggestions we list below.