How to Successfully Transition to the School Year

20 Ideas for finishing the summer well and start school strong

Are your children looking forward to the coming school year? Brad was recently talking to two twin girls about to enter 6thgrade and asked if they were looking forward to school. One nodded her head vigorously while the other shook her head with about the same energy!

As the start of school looms in the not-too-distant future, the two of you have a window of opportunity to help your children end the summer well and start school strong. Intentional and unified parenting brings blessing and security to your home. And this is a season when you can plan specific ways to build experiences and memories with your kids. It also sets an example for your children on how they can partner with their spouse one day in raising the next generation!

Here are some simple ways you can connect with your children and make the most of this important season in their lives:

How To Teach Your Children The Bible

Four Practices Every Parent Can Do

One of the most important shared roles you have as a couple is grounding your children in their knowledge and understanding of Bible. You are giving them the foundation they need to flourish in their relationship with Jesus. Having Scripture plant in their hearts and minds will guide them for years to come in making wise, God-honoring decisions.