Celebrate Your Marriage on a Caribbean Cruise!

2017 Eastern Caribbean Cruise and Marriage Conference

Celebrate your marriage with us in the Caribbean this February! We will go to some great islands, build friendships, and have four marriage sessions while at sea. We’ll even have an optional vow renewal ceremony. It’s going to be FUN! Bring your friends–or a group from church. The deadline to reserve your cabin is early October–so reserve your spot soon. Watch the video and click this here to learn more. 

When You’re Bored In Your Marriage

10 Ways to Break Out of the Rut of Routine

Bored Couple

Are you bored in your marriage? We hear this all too often in our work with couples. It actually can be a warning sign of vulnerability to other stimuli or people filling the void and threatening the sanctity of a marriage.

Simply breaking your routine and adding fresh experiences to your marriage can stimulate romance. You will experience each other in new ways. The two of you will add shared memories to your history that no one else could have with you. What follows are 10 steps to break out of boredom.

2017 Eastern Caribbean Marriage Cruise!

Sail the romantic seas and Build Your Marriage!

Sail the romantic seas and Build Your Marriage!

What better way to invest in your marriage than to get away to focus on each other? This seven-day cruise is the perfect opportunity to grow close to each other and enjoy four marriage sessions with Brad and Heidi. You will visit Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and St. Kitts and have three days at sea.

Reserve your cabin and get ready to Build Your Marriage in 2017 in the tropics!

Click this link to reserve your place and get ready to Build Your Marriage in the tropics! 

Celebrate Your Marriage History!

Romantic Couple

When was the last time you and your spouse took the time to recount and celebrate the shared history you have together? Your shared experiences are the bricks and mortar that build you up and anchor you down in the storms of life.

It’s easy for the dailyness of life to sweep in and grab our attention. We quickly lose touch with the positive memories and our focus is on the here and now. We forget what made us unique as a couple.

Five Ways To Refresh Romance

Romance at Home

Keeping love and romance fresh and alive in marriage takes intentionality and thoughtfulness. In the early years of dating, engagement, and marriage the wonder and effort poured into a relationship can seem natural.

Here are some simple ways to refresh your marriage this week. Choose one or all five as a way to pour your love on your spouse and let them know how much they mean to you.

Reignite The Spark In Marriage

Peter and Kristen

Peter and Kristen

We love weddings. Recently we attended the wedding of one of our friends’ son, Peter, and his fiance, Kristen.  (see picture above) After the wedding the reception was held in a renovated theater where the lighting created a scene that was magical. The event was filled with happiness and celebration. Part of the joy that flooded the room was from the flames of love between the bride and groom.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for us to see couples who have allowed the passion for their spouse at the wedding to cool significantly in the ensuing years. As we reflected on the wedding, we came up with four ways every couple can reignite the spark of their love and fan it once again to a roaring flame.

Three Enemies to Your Spouse’s Spirit

Husband and wife team

As a successful college football coach, Bill McCartney rode the wave of accolades from years of hard work. In the process, however, his family was left in his wake. He went to church, but was inattentive to the spirit of his wife.

In an interview with pastor Mark Ellis, McCartney said:

“My last year as a coach was in 1994. My team was undefeated and was ranked third in the nation —we had a great team. The pastor in our church said, ‘We’re going to have a visiting preacher next week. And he’s coming with the single-most important thing he’s learned in 41 years of preaching.’ And I wondered, what could be the single-most important thing?”