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Build Your Marriage is a choice. It’s a decision. It’s an act of the will. Build Your Marriage is about love. It’s about grace. It’s about a future of strength and hope. Build Your Marriage includes romance. It includes connecting. It includes love and respect.

Build Your Marriage is led by Brad and Heidi Mitchell. Two people who are authentic, fun, passionate, Biblical, practical, transparent, dynamic and encouraging. Brad and Heidi have experienced the highs and lows of marriage, and are committed to each other and to building marriages and families for God’s glory.

If you or your organization are planning a marriage conference or retreat, Brad and Heidi are available to serve your group with solid Biblical teaching presented with humor and warmth. Their goal is to bring hope and to help build lasting transformation in marriages.


Here’s what to expect from a Build Your Marriage conference!

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Session Topics to Choose From

Marriage Retreats with Brad and Heidi

  1. Build Your Marriage Romantically: Four key essentials for taking intentional steps to create the atmosphere for romance.
  2. Build Your Marriage Spiritually: Specific and practical ways to grow closer to Christ and encourage each other’s spiritual development regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.
  3. Build Your Marriage Through Forgiveness: Practical, Biblical instruction of forgiving your spouse and forgiving yourself.
  4. Build Your Marriage Through Change: Whether it’s health, financial, a move or vocational–change can either draw a couple together or pull them apart. Brad and Heidi share important lessons for every couple so they can be empowered to navigate change well.
  5. Build Your Marriage By Discovering Your Shared Purpose: A powerful bond for any couple is a shared dream with a roadmap to accomplish it. Brad and Heidi teach and guide couples on how to discover their purpose and take the necessary steps to fearlessly get there.
  6. Re-building Your Marriage: This session addresses rebuilding when trauma hits your marriage, like betrayal and brokenness. Key principles are shared which will help couples draw closer and move ahead. In addition, insights into how a couple can walk alongside friends who are in pain are included.
  7. 5 Ways To Protect Your Marriage: There is an Enemy working hard, along with our culture, to destroy marriages. Brad and Heidi present important safeguards for every couple so that they can stand firm against attack.
  8. Build A Legacy Though Your Marriage: How to partner with your spouse in building a legacy that matters.
  9. Build Your Marriage Through Conflict: Every marriage faces conflict. This empowering session includes 10 steps to conflict resolution.
  10. Build Your Marriage Through Healthy Communication: This session includes teaching on key skills for communicating in marriage, pitfalls to watch out for, how to develop empathy and more!
  11. Build Your Marriage Financially: Brad and Heidi take a biblical look at how couples should rightly steward the resources God had entrusted to them.
  12. Build Your Marriage Amidst Spiritual Warfare: This session teaches how a couple can take the authority that is theirs through Christ and break spiritual strongholds in their lives and marriage.
  13. Build Your Marriage by Living the Adventure: A marriage empowered by God’s Spirit is the greatest adventure a couple can experience. Brad and Heidi teach five declarations for every couple to make so they can live this kind of adventure together.
  14. Build Your Marriage Sexually: The sexual relationship between a husband and wife is a vital, yet often neglected part of marriage. Brad and Heidi teach four truths about sex from a biblical and practical perspective.
  15. Build Your Marriage When Life Is Busy: Life for families is getting busier and that can cause drift in a marriage. Brad and Heidi use scripture, video interviews, and practical teaching to help couples learn how to be intentional and grow closer amidst increasing demands.
  16. Men’s and Women’s Breakout Session: Brad can lead the men and Heidi can lead the women in key issues affecting husbands and wives.
  17. Building A Marriage That Lasts: This is a Sunday morning message given by Brad and Heidi that focuses on three keys to a lasting marriage, including the power of the marriage covenant.
  18. Truths for Triumphing Over Temptation: This biblically-based session zeroes in on how to resist and be victorious over temptations that can assail a marriage.
  19. 4 Ways the Enemy Attacks Your Marriage: There is an active spiritual war against marriages. This session looks at four attacks from the Enemy and how to guard against them.

Men’s Retreats by Brad

  1. Power, Money, Sex & the Cross (four sessions)
  2. Relentless (five sessions)
  3. Building a Legacy (four sessions)
  4. Expanding Your Influence (five sessions)